Aug 202019

The last few weeks have seen local roads closed and diversions for all. The Residents Society have been advising residents when we know of a planned closure but are concerned that there is no coordination in the implementation of these closures.

We have sent a letter to the Cabinet Member for Transportation at Bucks County Council, we are looking forward to receiving a reply!

Road closures in Penn & Tylers Green

You may know that in recent weeks we have been having a torrid time with road closures in our area which has been the cause of much frustration, delay and complaint, and there is a forecast of more to come.  We are suffering particularly at present from a whole raft of new houses in Hammersley Lane and it seems as if each house applies independently for a 5 day closure.

 I don’t want to go into the detail and we understand the various justifications such as difficulties with weather, availability of equipment and so on, but there do seem to be some basic remedies which should be given serious consideration.

  • There seems to be little or no communication or co-ordination between the utilities which require the road to be dug up to connect to new houses, on the one hand, and road repairs and resurfacing  elsewhere in the local area on the other.
  • In a situation like Hammersley Lane there seems to be no attempt to group utility applications or to limit the length and timing of closure.   Why not require co-ordination between contractors, and limit the timing closure is permitted, perhaps to night time?
  • Why not require traffic light control, working only on one lane of the road at a time?

We would be most grateful for anything you can do along these lines to limit to a minimum the chaos caused by total road closures. 

Yours sincerely

Chairman, Penn & Tylers Green Residents Society

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