Jul 152020

Proposals for double yellow lines on Elm Road.

This coming Friday 17 July is the closing date for comments on the final consultation for putting double yellow lines along various sections of Elm Road to prevent dangerous or unwelcome parking.  There are, inevitably, differences of opinion and P&TGRS has been asked for our recommendations.

It would appear that the proposals for Coppice Farm Road, for outside the Penn Surgery and for outside Victoria Cottages, would achieve their aim and are largely accepted.  We agree.

However, the idea of putting double yellow lines along the edge of the open common and the pond has met with some dismay because whilst they could be seen as an added deterrence, road-side parking on that side is very rare and parking on the common itself is a separate matter.  We are against adding these lines.

The proposals for the pavement side of the section of Elm Road between the Sports Club entrance and the Red Lion are designed to prevent parked vehicles blocking driveways or limiting vision on exiting, complaints of which have been frequent over the years.  Yellow lines are to be put across each entrance, but with sufficient width to ensure a reasonable vision splay whist still leaving some spaces for visitors parking.  We support this proposal.

The lines will be thin and use the less obtrusive primrose yellow as designed for a conservation area.   Limiting parking restrictions to weekends has been suggested, but this would require obtrusive signage.

                                                                                                                         July 2020

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