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  1. Can any one go or do you require tickets ,? If tickets a required how do you get them ,please

    • Anyone can go, yes. Tickets are available on the door but note no parking along the road. Parking is usually on the front common. Sometimes you can get cheaper tickets in advance at Londis by the pond or JP Gleeson’s in Elm Road. Entrance is usually around £5 from recollection.

  2. great news where can I get schedules?

    Schedules are available from the following locations. Lansdales Pharmacy, Joe Gleeson butcher, local pubs, Tylers Green Village Hall, Londis, JJ Deli

  3. Please could you tell me how much it is to hire the smaller hall? I’ve hired it before, but have forgotten! Also, is it free on Sunday 18th Feb?

    Thank you


    • HI please contact Tina Brown at the Village Hall, she will be able to help you, her phone number is 01494 819990, and she is there from 9-12 most days

  4. I have not come across this memorial, could you let me know where it is located?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hi Christine
      apologies that it has taken so long to reply, but have the following response for you.
      There is no specific memorial to Benjamin Disraeli. I suspect the enquiry relates to the obelisk inside Rayners ( Penn School) recording Queen Victoria’s visit there in 1881 when she followed the same route Disraeli took returning from his last visit to Windsor. The Rayners gates are locked at present but you can just see it from the gate.
      I hope this helps
      with kind regards
      Gill on behalf of P&TGRS

  5. The diversion via Beaconsfield is the most ill-conceived, idiotic diversion in history! Why no warning that Hammersley Lane is closed until you about to turn into it, why isn’t it posted from at least New Road?

    Followed the diversion this morning – added nearly half an hour to my journey and goodness knows how many extra miles, plus I sat in horrendous traffic jams that I would never normally encounter.

    You have to marvel at the vast intellect that conceived this one. Perhaps it was a competition among pre-schoolers with the winnner awarded points for creativity rather than practicality!

    • thanks for your comment, we are as frustrated as you. The P&TGRS tried to influence the decision, but the inflexibility of the system operated by the Highway Authority seems to be at fault, compounded by the Bucks County Council’s inability to manage the diversion. Your point about the signage is helpful and we will draw that to the attn of BCC

      We just hope that the gas works are completed speedily

  6. Has Hammersley Lane reopened?

    • Hello
      Hammersley Lane is open if the road signs are still at each end of the lane please feel free to ignore them!!

  7. When will village show schedule be released please?

    • HI Jean
      the full schedule is published on the website, if you click on the link in the scrolling article on the home page it will take you to the online pages in news & views and the schedule is available for download

  8. Where can I find the full show schedule?

    • Hi David
      if you go to the home page/scrolling section, click through on the Village Show report, then there are 2 further clicks in news& Views which will open, click on the top on and the form is there.
      its also the centre spread in Village Voice again click on Village Voice on the home page and go to the August edition

  9. Tuesday 21st August 2018

    Please note that there is Now, no way through before 10:00am & after 4:30pm.
    The road is completely CLOSED!!!!

  10. Dear Folks

    Can I buy tickets on the night at the “gate”?

    What is the address of the venue, map?

    (the web page when viewed shows some coding text which you may wish to tidy up)

    Regards, Liz

    • The P&TG Sports and Social Club is on Elm Road Penn.
      Please pre buy your tickets from the Sports and Social Club or Joe Gleesons

  11. How long is Hammersley Lane closed for this time?

  12. Please can you help me I like to know do you use keep in touch with sum of old school teacher the person I am looking for is miss Sylvia Peter’s she use send me Xmas card ever year last 4 year she has not has she move away or pass away I used be at Rayner’s school back in 70 if so can you email back I use keep in touch with with old school friend I lost touch with all

    • Thanks for your enquiry Caroline, unfortunately we don’t have any contact details for anyone from Rayners school.


  13. I’m writing to support the planning application above 19/05280/OUTEA

  14. The link to the summary not working

  15. please send your comment to as thats important

  16. Hi

    I am interested in purchasing this book and was wondering if I could pick up a copy this week? I am happy to pay cash on collection if that is easier?

    My Parents still live in Holmer Green so could collect on my behalf although I am visiting on Saturday?

    Many thanks


    • Thanks Neil, you should find a copy in one of the local shops – Village Shop on the Green, Strings or Kings Ride supermarket. Happy reading.

  17. The plans for Ashwells appear to be confusing with several misjudgments regarding the impact of the additional traffic not just through Cock Lane that would need substantial widening but also on the entire village of Tyler’s Green and onto the London Road below. I object to this development based on the road chaos it will cause and the other points made below.
    The houses look poor in design and will bring down the image and reputation of a picture postcard village. They look very much like an estate and therefore belong on a brown belt site. The plans indicate that at there would be 27-29 houses/hectare, this is approximately twice the density of the surrounding area with Sandpits as low as 5h/hectare. There can be no avoiding such an over-developed and over-populated estate will have catastrophic affects on the immediate surrounding area.
    For a major development there is a severe lack of sustainability details and this is unacceptable.
    I object to the Ashwells development in the strongest terms.

    • Hi Mark
      please send your comments to Wycombe District Council, we actually agree with your points but its the Planners who will decide whether to approve or not,
      please email your comment to and include the planning application reference
      goos luck

  18. I am a great fan of jumble sales and attend both the Spring and autumn sales at Tyler’s Green. The sale last Saturday 6 April was marred by gthe sight of helpers/volunteers loading their vehicles with the ‘choice’ items donated by the public before the sale had opened. They could not even try to be discreet. Whether they had paid for the goods is irrelevant. Buyers had to stand and watch these 2 particular ladies walk through past them at least 6 times with loaded bags of donated goods. A truly disheartening experience. One lady who told me that she was representing a foreign aid charity was refused early entry, yet your helpers and volunteers were allowed first pick!! A truly disheartening experience and not worthy of Penn & Tyler Scouts.

    • hello
      thanks for your comments, the P&TG Residents Society is not involved in the organisation and running of the Scouts jumble Sale – we are just happy to promote it on our website.
      I understand your comments and will forward them to the Scout leader so he is aware and I hope will contact you in due course.
      Gill on behalf of P&TGRS

  19. Myself and isobel will be coming.

  20. Hi

    Is this event on this year?



    • Hi Rebecca
      if you are referring to the WI Craft Fair, yes its planned for sat 26 October in the Village Hall. please look at our Facebook as all the details are there, and I see they have free tables.
      good luck
      Gill on behalf of P&TGRS

    • Hi Rebecca
      We have just learnt that The Village Makers Market is taking place on 9th November in the Tylers green village Hall.
      contact Paula Hill on 01494 814062!
      good luck

  21. Typo it is definitely 12.30

  22. for some reason the link sends you to the Chesham parking restrictions

    • Thanks David, this is a combined survey for several areas, but I have tried to put a better link in. See if that works for you.

  23. If you’re looking for help shopping and delivering groceries to self isolating people in the village I am willing to offer my services.
    Luisa 01494 816746

    • Hi Luisa
      thanks for your email, we are planning a scheme to assist those who need support, so we are pleased to include you in our plans, we will be in touch shortly

  24. Hi Gill, I am willing to help delivering items to people in need . Pearl has my number .regards
    Lesley Sadd

    • thanks Lesley
      we have just issued a survey to build a data base of those who can help, thank you.please can you complete the survey so we have your details?
      I hope this works, if is not straightforward please copy and drop into your browser? thanks Gill

  25. Is the tracker!PTGSanta going to be working from 5.30PM ish?

    • Hi Steve
      I’ve just checked it and its working they are travelling along B474 from Holy Trinity church
      good luck

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