Penn and Tylers Green


The adjoining villages of Penn and Tylers Green are located in the beautiful rolling hills of the South Buckinghamshire countryside approximately 3 miles north west of Beaconsfield. Although distinct in character, the villages are most often regarded as one single community; with many facilities such as the local schools and pubs serving both sets of residents.

In the 14th century, Penn was home to England’s leading floor tilers. Penn floor tiles were far and away the most popular choice for royal palaces and castles, cathedrals, abbeys, churches and manor houses, in London and the south-east. At their busiest, the tilers were operating at least 15 kilns all working flat out to meet the demand. They completely dominated the parish economy and even changed the name of their part of it to Tylers End Green – from whence the adjoining community of Tylers Green eventually got its name.

Only one complete floor survives in Windsor Castle, but evidence of earlier floors has been found in 180 different sites in 18 counties, as well in 80 sites in London.

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