Jan 042021
Issue 1 – 4th January 2021
Staff at The Simpson Centre and Penn Surgeries are delighted to announce that we will be joining with others from local surgeries in our Primary Care Network (Arc PCN) to begin COVID-19 vaccinations starting this week.
Due to the complex nature of the storage and preparation of the vaccine, we have been required by NHS England to work at designated registered sites in groups of practices. 

The vaccinations will therefore be given at the Adams Park Football Stadium in High Wycombe, Hillbottom Road, HP12 4HJ. This will be staffed by our own nurses, GPs, Paramedics and administrative staff and those from other practices in our PCN.
We are committed to vaccinating people who are within the priority groups as outlined by the Department of Health and NHS England, beginning this week with our patients over 85 years of age.

You will be contacted by the surgery to make an appointment for vaccination by text or by telephone. Please do not contact the surgery, we will contact you when we can offer you an appointment.
An information leaflet will be provided when we book your appointment and we will discuss the vaccine with you when you attend the appointment. There is further information available from the Gov UK website.
We are planning to offer as near normal service as possible but please be aware there may be reduced availability for routine appointments or check-ups over the next few weeks as we roll out this vital vaccination programme.
We continue to be available as normal for urgent appointments.
You have an important part to play in helping us to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to as many people in the priority groups as possible and as quickly as possible. 
–  Please do not contact us to seek a vaccine. We will contact you.
–   When we do contact you please attend your booked appointment unless you are unwell.
–  Please continue to follow government guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
–  Please consider using alternative sources for advice if your problem is not urgent such as your local pharmacist or the NHS Website.
We thank you all for your support at this time.
Dr Moona Rakhit
GP Managing Partner
The Simpson Centre & Penn Surgery
The Simpson Centre, 70 Gregories Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 1PS
01494 671571

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