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We have created 2 treasure hunts for everyone to do. The Road Treasure hunt is more suited to residents who enjoy cryptic clues and a longer walk around the village, its probably not really suitable for young children or families with buggies….click to download and print the clues. We will publish the answers in this section of the website after Christmas and they will also be in the next issue of Village Voice. Enjoy the walk and the challenge – Good luck

when you have done the treasure hunt, see below for all the answers!!

Road Treasure Hunt

Click to download Clues: Treasure Hunt Road Clues


1Start at the pub with the most common name in the UKThe Red Lion
2Mid Spring CottageApril Cottage
3Midsomer no moreThe Cottage Bookshop
4Pinocchio’s lifelinesStrings
5University professor by royal decreeRegius (Court)
6One of three in P&TGChurch Road
7Forest in Cairgorms National ParkGlenmore
8♪ So here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun ♫Slade’s Garage
9How Steamed (anagram)The Meadows
10Thimble full of fermented honey & waterLittle Mead
11Fit philatelist?Stampwell
12Its OK, I’m holding its collarChapel Cottage – Beware of the Dog
13It gets easier from hereHillbrow Cottage
14Penn “trilogy”Penn Cottage / Lodge / Ridge
15Which Way?The Chiltern Way
16Money laundering establishment?Wellbank
17Ship builders?RJ Clyde
18Weekday collections?4:45pm
19Crowns’ dated?Parish Room 1839
20Surely, that’s not the time?Holy Trinity single handed clock 8:30
21Finish at the pub with the second most common name in the UK.The Crown

The Common Treasure Hunt

The Common Treasure hunt is around the Front Common, but again with many interesting and challenging clues, probably more suited for families but please be careful as there are road to cross to find the clues. Again, Click to download the clues, many have photos to help with the challenge. The answers will be published in this section of the website after Christmas and in the next issue of Village Voice. Enjoy!

Click to download Clues: Treasure Hunt Common Clues


when you have completed the Common Treasure hunt, please see the answers below!

1When was the first Christmas tree erected on The Common?1977
2On which ship did Geoffrey Bartlett serve?HMS Bulwark
Cross the road
3Points shared in thrilling local derby.High Wycombe 4, Beaconsfield 4
4Which bus for High Wycombe?31
5How many ducks in and around Tylers Green pond?5
Cross the road
6Environmentally friendly fruit & veg?The Village Shop on the Green
7Name one of the specials?JJs Delicatessen
8Clever bear?First school tower
Cross the road
9Watery home?Widmer Pond Cottage
105 ________ Road?5 School Road
Cross the road
11In which Regiment did Bert & Joseph serve?The Wiltshire Regiment
12A place of safety?The Sanctuary
13What time is it?12:00 (Parish Rooms clock tower)
14Name of the Church?St Margaret’s
15Where did the Bishop travel from to lay the stone?Oxford
16Humpty Dumpty’s down here?Nursery Lane
17Fred & Wilma’s place?Flintstones
18Home of Winnie the Pooh and name of P&TG Beaver colony?  (Adult volunteers needed, see VV).Ashdown
19John Wayne western – honestly.True Grit (box)
20__________ & apple crumble – custard or ice cream?Blackberry Cottage
21On top of the Christmas tree?Angel Cottage
Cross the road
22Where is the flag?Tylers Green Village Hall
23Bee Gees hit from Saturday Night Fever?Stayin Alive (Defibrillator)
Cross the road
24Known locally as the Back Common?Tylers Green Common
25Royal tree?English Oak
Cross the road
26Royal delivery?Royal Mail post box
27Royal palace?Buckingham House
28Cox’s orange ________ a classic English apple?Pippins Cottage
29Count the number of red oak trees leading up to the pond?8
30How tall is this year’s Christmas tree on The Common?26m

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