Please decorate your garden


With Christmas almost upon us, we are hoping everyone will decorate their front garden. Many residents already deck their house with lights and Christmas themed decorations but we would like to encourage everyone to do something.

On 17th December at 7pm, we are lighting up the village, so please look at that tab for how to do this, but your garden decorations will be the centrepiece for all to see. If you could leave them up until after New Year, then residents who walk around the village can enjoy them as well.

Ideas to consider

an outdoor decorated tree, the brighter the better

a homemade, full size Christmas figure in your front garden

a homemade Christmas wreath, displayed on your front door

a festive lantern placed on your doorstep

Children are invited to create a colourful Christmas themed window decoration ( made of any materials) and displayed in your front window

Ideas to consider

a picture

a stained glass effect window

a mobile decoration

a star

If you are impressed with your decorations, please take a photo and email it to ( with your name, road name and a description of the photo) and we will post it on the Residents Society website, in the gallery! Please note by sending the photo, you are giving your permission for us to post this photo on the gallery and please make sure if there are any children in the photo that you are aware that the photo could be posted onto our website.

Please display your colourful decorations between 17th December and 3 January 2021 for passers by to enjoy.

How to make a Wreath, please look at the insert in Village Voice for a few ideas how to make a wreath

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